Thank You!

Thanks for schedule a call with me!

Dear Doctor,

Congratulations on taking the first step!

I’m beyond excited to bring to you all the knowledge and experience I’ve accumulated over the last 7 years.
And I’m truly humbled to have the opportunity of being a helping hand in your practice’s transformation.

These strategies really are the quickest and most effective methods.
And I’ll be personally making sure that you get the best results from them.

Now… about the call you just scheduled.

I’ve been told that these short calls have been very valuable –  so when the time comes, you may want to keep a note and pen handy.

At the end of the call (and if we both feel like we’re a great fit for each other), I’ll extend an invitation for you to work with me.

You can make the decision to move forward, or not.

I’m hoping you do!

Talk to you soon.

– Isaac Oh



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