Can this secret marketing tactic safely take your dental practice to the next level, for Good?

My Ultimate Dental Marketing Suite Increases your New Patients numbers, your average value of each patient, and the frequency of your patients' visit - in 21 days or less, or you don't pay us anything!

How A Marketer Locked In Coronavirus Quarantine Discovered A New Opportunity for Dentists

I started mapping out and building marketing systems from scratch.

It wasn’t until 3 years ago when I started my journey into dental marketing with an oral surgeon in Long Beach.

When I started my market research on his behalf, I discovered that many of the marketing being sold to dentists were nonsense.

Most marketers were seeing dentists as people who were willing to burn through thousands of dollars a month on mediocre marketing.

And in return, dentists would receive confusing metrics every month that they didn’t know what to do with.

I’m assuming you don’t want that…

So, I began looking for better solutions at more reasonable prices.

In December 2019, at the height of the pandemic, I travelled to Korea.

For two weeks I was locked in a tiny room with nothing to do but work on developing my services.

In those two weeks, I created the blueprint for my Ultimate Dental Marketing Suite.

And for the next two years, I focused on perfecting it…

The Ultimate Dental Marketing Suite is designed to do three things:

  • Skyrocket your new patient numbers each month,
  • Boost the average value of a patient appointment,
  • Multiply the quantity of procedures each patient receives.

The best part is that most of my clients actually end up paying less than they were before!

I also made prison wine in orange biohazard bags to pass the time LOL!

My clients cut costs and put their budgets into areas of higher yield!

Since then, I’ve been honored to work with dozens of other GPs, oral surgeons, orthodontists, endodontists, and even the Korean American Dental Association.

And the results weren’t just minor improvements.

Instead of doing a few marketing tactics for my clients, we were installing long-term marketing systems directly into their practices.

This was high-level business changing stuff that I had spent over $50,000 to learn myself.

My mission is to bring  sensible marketing back to dentists like yourself so that you can focus on your art and healing patients.

And if you want, you can use this to grow as big as you want.

  • I don’t want you working hard each month just for a marketing company to sit back, do no work, and take a cut from your paycheck.
  • I don’t want you confused about whether your marketing is working or not.
  • I don’t want you to feel like there’s more to be done with your marketing – ever again.
  • And I definitely don’t want you paying ridiculous prices just to continue struggling.

My Ultimate Dental Marketing Suite is that missing piece of the puzzle that will get patients through your doors.

It’s what will let you join my growing list of clients who will never have to worry about marketing or getting new patients for the rest of their lives.

It’s what will get you confident in your finances and back on track to paying off all your loans and debts.

It’s what will let you hire high quality staff, retain them with great pay and bonuses, and save the headache of retraining.

You’ll finally have what the top 2% of dentists have to buy nice cars with cash upfront, provide for their family and friends, and spend more time golfing.

This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme.

Frankly, it’s the hard work that no marketing company wants to do for you.

It’s just not profitable short-term for them.

But I’m willing to take up the hard work for you because I want to provide you massive value and work with you long-term.

Always accessible to answer questions, address issues, and help you grow!

This Comprehensive and Effective Suite

Could Help You...

Get confidence in your new patient flow

Feel driven and purposeful by focusing on patients

Finally see the results of your marketing budget

Exponentially grow past the competition

Reclaim more time for what you want to do

Get what you need done and managed for you

Dentists Just Like You Are Already Applying My "Ultimate Dental Marketing Suite"

David H. Kim, M.D., D.D.S.

Oral Surgeon

"Working with Isaac gave our practice's online presence a tremendous boost."

Working with Isaac gave our practice’s online presence a tremendous boost. The best experience we’ve ever had with a dental marketing agency! I highly recommend Isaac and Pharo!!


Mindo Lee, D.D.S.


"He has done an amazing job with our website and incorporated new systems in place for our office"

Simply put, Isaac is a consummate professional.

He has done an amazing job with our website and incorporated new systems in place for our office to implement an online review system for our patients.

Isaac has proven to me and the clients that I have referred him to go above and beyond our expectation. I would strongly recommend Isaac and Pharo!!!


David Kim, D.D.S.

General Practitioner

"Isaac did a thorough and fantastic job."

Isaac did a thorough and fantastic job! Highly recommended.


But... This solution isn't the best for Everyone. It's designed for private practice owners who Want to play big And win big

If That sounds like you, then my ULTIMATE DENTAL MARKETING SUITE is the Perfect Solution for you...
It Includes:

New Patient Attraction Systems

Systems designed to:

Patient Frequency Systems

Systems designed to:

Increased Patient Value Systems

Systems designed to:

Plus... For a Limited Time You will also get the 21-day accelerated setup - worth $749

21-Day Accelerated Setup

Get the Ultimate Dental Marketing Suite installed into your practice in just 21 days or less!

Just Imagine, 90 Days From Now If...

Imagine, if you woke up in just 90 days, and your schedule is packed for two months out. You can barely keep up with the demand, so you’re looking at hiring more associates, and you love your work again.

Or, just imagine yourself on the golf greens this summer, and everyone asks you “How the hell did you accomplish that? Pay hundreds of thousands on marketing??”

You answer back with a big smile on your face, “Nope, I just hired Isaac to take on my marketing, and made a few simple changes to my online…”


You FINALLY feel the stress melting out of your body. After everything with the Coronavirus, and all the pressure you’ve been feeling throughout your career, this actually has turned out the best year in quite a long time…

You hate to admit it, but in some ways, that struggle brought you here, and your life is now better.

All of this, and a transformation of your marketing in 21 days for a low, monthly payment...

No Worries OR Risk… Our Marketing Comes With A

100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back. If you don’t like anything for any reason, you can get 100% of your money back, along with any advertising spend, AND you keep all the work we’ve done for you.

Yes! It's Really possible to transform your practice in 21 days or less without a crazy budget!

Brian Hong, D.D.S., M.S.

Pediatric Dentist

"I would highly recommend Isaac for your business/personal website needs to have a significant online presence."

My office website construction was just competed by Isaac. He guided me along every step of the way from obtaining a domain name, making sure the contents were ADA compliant, and being extremely resourceful in finding logos and designs to fit the needs of my business.

His work is thorough and detail oriented. His time frame is flexible to accommodate my busy schedule, but once he has the materials, the turn around time is prompt.

I would highly recommend Isaac for your business/personal website needs to have a significant online presence.


Youn Sagong, D.D.S.

Oral Surgeon

"Isaac was unbelievably helpful and competent"

Isaac was unbelievably helpful and competent when it came to creating and managing websites and digital contents for my practice. He was always available and took care of things immediately. Would highly recommend!



OPTION 1: DO NOTHING AND GO BACKWARDS… Look, this system was designed to fit into any dental practice that is intent on getting a massive overhaul in their marketing. There’s a 30 day money back guarantee and I have a reputation among the Korean American dentists. I’m not here to rip you off and disappear. In fact, I want to work with you long-term and develop a win-win relationship. So if you aren’t getting on a call, it might be your mindset. You might be doubting your own abilities or scared by what success could mean for you. Well, things don’t get easier if you put them off. In fact, they get harder. If you’re in this boat, trust me, you can handle it. How long will you push off your dreams? The choice is simple…

OPTION 2: MAKE THE CHANGE TODAY, AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE… In just 21 days, you get your marketing into another level. You start seeing results immediately and in 90 days, your practice is completely transformed. Your friends are asking you what you did to accomplish all that and are at awe. They think you must have worked like a madman but really, you just hired a company that wanted the best for you and was willing to do the hard work for you. Finally, you’re living a stress free life where you can focus on service patients and changing lives, without having to worry about marketing ever again.

There has never been a better time to start!

Get my Ultimate Dental Marketing Suite and never worry about marketing again!

My Name is Isaac, and just like you, I was stuck...

If you were anything like me, when you first started your business, you had big plans. I didn’t want to live the traditional route of getting a decent job with a decent life. I wanted to prove myself to my family, friends, and people who knew about me by becoming a success story that could inspire others.

But I had no idea what I was doing and it reflected in my finances. I was being overworked and underpaid. My savings diminished each week and my passion for business was in trouble.

I realized I had to fix one thing: start attracting new, high-value people to work with me.

One day, by accident, I came across an underground network of marketers who were accomplishing that. They were leveraging the new opportunities of the internet and they weren’t just doing “better”, they were dominating entire sectors of marketplaces.

So for 6 months, I did nothing but learn everything they had to teach and I began finding better and better results for myself and my clients. My mission became to help dentists like yourself transform yourself and your practice so you can re-experience the joys of business.

Now, I’ve worked for dozens of dentists and the Korean American Dental Association. I’m an avid marketer and mentor a group of 600 other marketers. I’m an avid student of marketing and have spent well over $50,000 on my own marketing education that I’m passing down to you.

What you’re getting here is my latest and greatest work to date.

This was my attic office at UC Berkeley when I first started my business. I had little idea what I was getting into…

I can’t even recognize who I was before.

Still Unsure? Here's Some Common Questions I Get...

The Ultimate Dental Marketing Suite is designed to bring in more than 50 new patients per month. However, results can vary and if you’re ever unhappy with the results, you can always cancel and get a full money back refund.

Yes! If you’re not complete thrilled with the results of our services, you can easily request a refund. No strings attached! Just email me and I’ll have it processed within 24 hours. At the end, not only will you be financially whole, you’ll also keep all the marketing materials we built for you.

In most cases, we can work around the providers you are currently using. However, if those services are underperforming, we will require that you switch in order to work with us, so that you can get the best results from our work.

The Ultimate Dental Marketing Suite costs less than a fraction of the production I am aiming for you. To be more exact, it costs about 4% of the production I expect you to gain. Dental marketing “experts” recommend you spend 20% of your monthly production on marketing. They’ll charge you more and do less for you.

Unlike most marketing companies, we’re doing daily work to improve your marketing. The budget allows our team to make adjustments, test, improve, and get you a higher ROI each month.

Are you happy with your marketing right now? You’re probably at the bottom of this page because you’re not 100% thrilled by the results you’re getting (whether that’s new patient numbers, production numbers, or the focus of your new patients). I can guarantee you that you’ll be extremely happy with what we give you and that you’ll refer me to all your friends. That’s why I offer a full money back guarantee so that you can try this out with zero risk and see the benefits for yourself.

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