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How dentists can use digital marketing to grow their practice.

The dental care industry is constantly changing and growing to meet the digital demands of the world. Keeping up can be hard- especially if you own your own small dental practice. It’s not upping your pay or making your life easier, right?

We beg to differ. Dentists can benefit from great digital marketing just as much as any other business- it’s all about creating an online brand and showing off your work to potential customers. In the long term, it can grab you some great customers that will keep coming back for more.

With that in mind, here are our top four digital marketing tips to grow your practice’s online presence. They’re pretty adaptable to your own work and easy to implement, so we hope you’ll give at least one a try.

1. Use Social Media Analytics to Make the Most Out of Your Profile

To keep up online, it’s important that you pay attention to what your customers are looking for.

You’ll need to analyze the audience base you already have, look at what they have in common and play that to your advantage in what you post.

For example, it’s more likely that your Instagram followers are going to want to see the results of your teeth whitening services, rather than an extraction video. A lot of this is just common sense- think like a client.

2. Use More Videos

As our attention spans get shorter, fewer and fewer of us read long Facebook posts or boring photo captions. This includes your potential customers.

Creating snappy videos with real-time captions is a great way to tackle this. These don’t have to be complicated at all, it can simply be a slideshow of photos of your best work if you like. As long as you’re showcasing your work visually, you’ll attract attention to your practice.

Try to avoid long videos of someone speaking, and keep videos no longer than 40 seconds to squeeze the most potential out of your work.

3. Maintain A Strong Online Reputation

Most customers thinking of using a local business will read at least ten reviews on it before deciding whether to give it custom. And it’s not likely people will ring a friend to get these reviews, either – it’s all through the internet.

This means you need to be watching the activity of your social media pages. Make sure to visibly thank people for their good reviews and respond professionally to those that may be more questionable. A slightly more critical review can be turned on its head by showing the customer (and any others reading the review) that you know how to own up to your own mistakes and make amends.

4. Run Online Offers

Giving your social media customers an offer they can’t refuse is a great way to get their business, and increase your digital following. Set up competitions and money-off offers for those who like and share your posts or page. This way you’re guaranteed to get more people through your door, and all of your customers’ social media friends and followers will become aware of your brand too.

The Bottom Line

It’s pretty simple to implement these changes within your digital marketing strategy. Taking small steps is often the perfect way to build your brand and get more people looking to you to solve their dental problems. It’s true that faith in businesses is now built largely online, so you need to make sure you’re keeping with the program.