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Google Ads for dentists: Writing compelling copy.

Writing compelling copy is a critical element of a good dental Google Ads campaign. Even if you have great keywords, a strong negative keyword list, and the proper bidding strategies, poor copywriting can mean a lower click through rate, higher cost-per-click, and ultimately, a less profitable Google Ads campaign for your dental practice.

Today, I’ll be showing you how to write copy on Google Ads that will compel potential patients to look into your new offer and visit your dental practice.

The BJ Fogg Behavioral Model

The model we’ll be taking a look at to improve your copywriting is the Fogg Behavioral Model (FBM).

The FBM suggests that the effectiveness of a prompt can be measured by the motivation and ability that it creates. If a prompt is able to create a strong enough combination of motivation and ability, the desired behavior will occur.

See the study here.

If you are promoting a behavior that people may find easy to do but not motivating enough, such as going on a brisk jog, write copy that pumps motivation. Keep in mind your target’s desires.

E.g. Regular dental checkups can decrease stress level and can lead to a 15% increase in salary!

If you are promoting a behavior that people find motivating but think of as being difficult, show them how it’s easier than they think.

E.g. Extract your own wisdom teeth with our new online course!
E.g. Learn to write compelling ad copy in just 3 minutes! 😉

Hope this helps how you approach your ad copies in your next dental Google Ads campaign!