Getting Started Guide

We use affiliate links. Great effort is taken to recommend only the best third-party services so that we can get you the best results and keep you as a satisfied client of ours.

Step 1: Follow this Link to SiteGround Hosting

We use SiteGround because it’s robust and places a much higher value on security, compared to other hosting providers. This is very important for dental practices and protecting PHI from possible attacks.

Step 2: Select "Managed WordPress Hosting"

Step 3: Select "StartUp"

The StartUp plan can support up to 10,000 visitors per month, which is more than enough for a private practice.
Looking to create more than one website on the same account? You can save by selecting the GrowBig plan instead.

Step 4: Select "12 Months" for the Period

This prompt sometimes does not trigger. If that’s the case, don’t worry. You can select the period later.

Step 5: Choose Domain​

You will be directed to select between “Register a New Domain” or “I already have a Domain”.

In either case, select “I already have a Domain” and input “pharoagency”.

This will let us create a temporary domain name where you can view the creation process without others being able to see your website before it’s 100% ready.

Step 6: Register Your New Domain Name (Optional)

Do you already own a domain name? Great! You can skip to the next step.

Unsure what you want your domain name to be? No problem! Take as long as you want, we can connect it to the website when it’s ready. You can find name ideas below.

Do you have an awesome domain name in mind and want to lock it in quickly before it’s taken by someone else? Follow the steps below.

a) Get ideas for your domain name

b) Check Availability

c) Register it on NameCheap

Other vendors charge a premium for domain names – including SiteGround. That’s because other vendors have many other costs they need to offset.

NameCheap is able to offer the lowest prices because they specialize in domain names.

Important: Make sure to register with a temporary password. We’ll need it to connect it to your SiteGround website.

Step 7: Review and Complete

Fill out your billing information as usual.

Important: Create a temporary password you would be okay sharing with us.

The “Period” should already be set to 12 months. Note that your hosting will auto-renew after this period. Auto-renewal is recommended to help make sure that your domain name cannot be taken by someone else during the period of time between expiration and manual renewal.

Do NOT add any “Extra Services”. We build in the latest security as part of our work.

Step 8: Send Us the Login Details

That's it!

You’ll receive an email from us in a few days with the link to your temporary website where you can view changes that we make live.