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Getting 2,000+ real Facebook page likes in 3 days.

When will this apply to you?

Social media is not a great way of marketing to prospective new patients or to promote season offers or practice news.

However, there is one reason to have more Facebook “likes” on your dental Facebook page:

  • You’re looking to run Facebook Ads in the future.

If you are looking to run Facebook Ads, you will come across the concept of costs-per-click (CPC). There are times when it makes sense to raise CPC, but in this case, we can lower costs and save you a lot of money in the long-run, by taking the time and resources required to get these page likes.

Basically, getting more page likes is one way of building more trust with Facebook.

Other ways of building trust include: Website with a proper domain name, blog posts, Facebook page posts, online policies on website, Facebook page descriptions, website pages, and so on.

Yet, Facebook likes still remains as an important indicator to Facebook of a business’s legitimacy and likability.

Why does this apply?

Facebook wants to provide its users with the best experience on their platform.

The best experience means more engagement time.

More engagement means more opportunities for advertisers (which is Facebook’s main way of monetization).

Facebook’s algorithm has several methods of measuring a “good experience”.

So, by showing Facebook that your business is not only legitimate, but that it’s also likable, Facebook shows favor towards you.

Some of the benefits include further “reach”. Meaning your exposure won’t be pigeon-holed into a tiny group of people who Facebook thinks will like you.

Your CPC will also drop as Facebook wants to enable likable advertising. That can mean potentially tens-of-thousands in savings over the next few years.

So, I recommend to all my clients that they spend the next three days and approximately $200 to get these first few thousand page likes before they start any advertising.

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