Online Dental Marketing

Dominate your marketplace.

Your success is protected by this crazy guarantee.

I decided to make this guarantee against my better judgement. It makes absolutely no sense financially but I felt so strongly about it that I just had to offer it.

If I don’t fulfill my end of the deal, you’re covered by this guarantee:

You will get 100% of your money back PLUS an extra $1,000 for your trouble.

That’s including any amount of money we’ve spent on advertising on your behalf!

You see, if I think we’re a good fit, that means that I am confident that I can get you the results that I promise.

Everything is tracked and I will prove to you without a doubt that the results are coming from my work for you.

I want to make sure this is a win-win for us, so at the very least, I will absolutely guarantee a win for you.

Doesn’t that make sense?

Here’s the catch. What I need from your end is to follow my advice. I will do everything in your best interest but I need your trust and commitment to your own success in order to do my best work.

100% Ownership

If you choose to stop working with us, you’ll retain full ownership of all the assets that we create for you.

We don’t try to take your domain name hostage or any dishonest behavior like that.

Limited Capacity Notice

Due to the intensive nature of our work, we can only work with 2 new marketing clients per month.

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Marketing plans that scale with your business

All plans include over $15,000 worth of bonuses for FREE!

Custom plans and pricing available during consultations.

Genesis Plan


1st month setup fee


Monthly advertising budget

What you’re investing in:

Ideal for:

Accelerator Plan


1st month setup fee


Monthly advertising budget

What you’re investing in:

Ideal for:

Empire Plan


1st month setup fee


Monthly advertising budget

What you’re investing in:

Ideal for:

What's Included + Bonuses!

* These values are estimates for the Genesis Plan. You get even more with higher plans.

Planning & Strategy

$1,500 value

Ad Management

$2,000/mo value

Custom Website Development

$5,000 value

On-Page SEO

$2,000 value

Expert Copywriting

$2,400 value

Landing Page Designs

$1,500 value

Review Link Sender

$3,000 value

Retention System

$4,000/yr value

Mobile Responsive (Optimized) Design

$4,000/yr value

Photo Sourcing

$229 value

Email Lead Capture

$749 value

Lifetime Maintenance

$3,600/yr value

A/B Split Testing

$999/mo value

Market Research

$500 value

N/A/P Syndication

$249 value

Directory Listings

$499 value

Ad Creative & Copy Design

$749 value

Multi-Channel Retargeting

$1,200/mo value

Conversion Rate Optimization

$1,000/mo value

Total Bonuses

$15,974 + $6,082/mo at no additional cost!

Even more bonuses below!

Lifetime Support

Receive on-going service, out of sight and out of mind for as long as you’re a client of ours.

Lifetime Updates

Always stay on the cutting edge. You’ll receive constant improvements and updates to your marketing as soon as they are rolled out.

Lifetime Maintenance

Your marketing systems will be regularly inspected for quality control and security updates. At minimum, once per month.

Lifetime Revisions

Evolving practices naturally have evolving priorities. We’re happy to accommodate and offer major revisions every quarter.

Watertight Legal Compliance

Avoid lawsuits and get peace-of-mind knowing that you have 100% compliance with the latest laws.

100% Americans with Disabilities Act Compliant

100% Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Compliant

100% Dental Practice Act (DPA) Compliant

100% Online Privacy Protection Act Compliant

100% Cookie Consent (GDPR) Compliant

100% Usage Terms and Conditions Coverage