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To kindle vitality and inspire greatness so that, together, we can heal the world.

About Isaac Oh

Since 2016, at UC Berkeley, Isaac has been perfecting online marketing.

In 2018, his marketing business was featured on The DailyCal.

In 2021, he was featured as a case study in “The $1,000,000 Web Designer Guide”, which became the #1 book on Amazon.com for online entrepreneurship.

He is one of five mentors at Fox Legends, an elite group of over 450 marketers who pioneer marketing systems.

His mentors include a renown dental management consultant, a marketing consultant for an international businesses, a marketing consultant for thousands of small businesses, and self-made multi-millionaire businessmen.

Isaac currently lives in Orange County, CA.


What we hold to be truth.

1. Practice wisdom

Wisdom is conscious alignment of action with natural law.

2. Live purposefully

A life of purpose is developed and nurtured with intention.

3. Seek inspiration

Inspiration is found by those who seek.

4. Expand responsibility

Responsibility measures character.

5. Be decisive

Values and principles simplify decisions.

6. Focus

Consistent and resolute focus produce greatness.

7. Finish

Relentless progress until commitments are fulfilled.

8. Engage optimism

Optimism is a discipline and deliberate choice.

9. Give gratitude

Unconditional gratitude opens opportunity.

10. Reward greatness

Greatness is trajectory and magnitude.