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The 4 Challenges of the Modern Dentist

All around the United States, dentists walk into their offices and begin solving challenges.

A study determined the four most common, and most pressing, concerns among dentists.

They were identified to be the following:

  1. Declining reimbursement rates,
  2. Growing impact of DSOs and corporate dentistry,
  3. Increasing competition from other practices,
  4. Growing impact of government healthcare programs.

As it turns out, one outdated paradigm is responsible for all of these concerns.

Fortunately, Pharo has developed a singular process that can help any practice shift into the new paradigm.

A new approach for your practice and marketing.

Actual value versus “perceived value”.

The main issue comes from an outdated idea of what patients find valuable.

If you maintain a perspective that is not consistent with that truth, you will experience many negative symptoms.

To name a few: low insurance adjusted fees, insurance dependency and lowered reimbursement rates, price competitions, discount strategies that burn you out, overworked to be underpaid, wasted marketing budgets, and so on…

On the other hand, some dentists somehow understand exactly what patients find valuable. Maybe they learned from a great mentor, or just happened to stumble upon the new paradigm.

Either way, those individuals are able to:

  • Increase their prices and profits,
  • Lower their overheads,
  • Attract highly-paying patients at will,
  • Differentiate themselves completely,
  • Become insurance independent.

How do they do it?

How to become a dominating market leader.

Successful dental marketing is not magic or guesswork. It follows a scientific process that we’ve mastered.

Hello! My name is Isaac Oh.

For the past 6 years, I have been committed to solving this problem that so many dental practice face, for good.

During that time, I started to compile all the different information, know-how, and wisdom from successful practices and dental management consultants.

In fact, I found this information to be so effective and such a game changer that I decided to create a masterclass and release it for free so that more dentists could find success.

Trusted by:

The Marketing Masterclass

Pharo’s marketing masterclass is designed to give you a complete and thorough understanding of the new paradigm.

You may find the video contrarian to what is practiced today.

But in the end, if you agree with it, we’re here to help align you with those principles as quickly and as effectively as possible.


Brian Hong, D.D.S., M.S.

Past KADA President

My office website construction was just completed by Isaac. He guided me along every step of the way from obtaining a domain name, making sure the contents were ADA compliant, and being extremely resourceful in finding logos and designs to fit the needs of my business.

His work is thorough and detail oriented. His time frame is flexible to accommodate my busy schedule, but once he has the materials, the turn around time is prompt.

I would highly recommend Isaac for your business/personal website needs to have a significant online presence.

Mindo Lee, D.D.S.

President of KADA

Simply put, Isaac is a consummate professional. He has done an amazing job with our website and incorporated new systems in place for our office to implement an online review system for our patients. Isaac has proven to me and the clients that I have referred him to go above and beyond our expectation. I would strongly recommend Isaac and Pharo!!!

Youn Sagong, D.D.S.

Oral Surgeon

Isaac was unbelievably helpful and competent when it came to creating and managing websites and digital contents for my practice. He was always available and took care of things immediately. Would highly recommend!

David H. Kim, M.D., D.D.S.

Immediate Past KADA President

Working with Isaac gave our practice’s online presence a tremendous boost. The best experience we’ve ever had with a dental marketing agency! I highly recommend Isaac and Pharo!!