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Dental Practice Accelerator helps you scale your practice to $100k+ per month – without the stress and wasted time of marketing missteps, systemic setbacks, and hiring problems trapping other owners.

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In essence, one of two things currently holds you back from growing your practice yourself:

        1. lacking the knowledge of what to do, and/or
        2. lacking the time & resources to perform the tasks.

In other words, you’ve never been taught how to market your dental practice, or you just don’t have the time to do your marketing.

As a result, you depend on marketing agencies who don’t care as much about your practice as you do, and don’t share the vision you have – or, you ignore marketing all-together.


    • What if you knew exactly what what to do, step-by-step, when it comes to growing your practice?
    • What if you could replicate what the best marketing companies are doing, for yourself?
    • What if you had training manuals and SOPs immediately ready for your team to execute on those tasks?

You would finally have the solution to grow your practice as large as you wish – without any extra work.

Dental Practice Accelerator

Relentless focus on three areas

1. Retention

Everyone wants to start with attraction, but retention is what will let you grow with ease.


Imagine your practice is a bucket and the level of water it contains is your active patient pool.

Some people will focus 100% on increasing the volume of water, but their bucket is leaky.

Therefore it costs more money, creates stress, and takes a whole lot of energy to just maintain it, let alone grow it.

Our approach is to address the leak first through systemic solutions such as patient experience, follow up, and recalls.

Once that’s fixed, we focus on filling your bucket.

2. Attraction

The goal is to get you self-sufficient and in control of your own growth.

You get to open the books to my Standard Operating Procedures and internal documentations.

Not only do we show you what works and what to do, we also show you how to find talent and we train them for you.

You get to understand the principles of influence and persuasion and how we accomplish that online.

We also cover sales mastery and how to approach conversations to maximize acceptance of your treatment plan.

We will teach you how to fish as much as we will show you the best spots to cast off.

3. Systemic solutions

The way in which we go about addressing retention and attraction is completely systemic.

That’s because when you made a systemic solution, that problem is solved at its root cause and you can move onto bigger and better problems.

If the solution isn’t systemic, it means we didn’t address the systemic cause of the problem and you will continue to run into the same problems.

This ties up your energy from being spent in better areas, and burns you out with monotony.

We’ll show you common systemic problems and our unique solutions so that you can start shifting your energy towards areas of higher impact.

Advances in marketing technology and A.I. have made hiring marketing agencies a redundancy...

When you understand this, you unlock: Leverage & Scale

Hybrid approach to expedite your transformation

8 week curriculum

  • Cutting edge curriculum that isn’t offered anywhere else.
  • Empirically tested and proven through work with my clients.
  • No generic A.I. written content.
  • Theory and action items.

Expert support

  • Two live calls every week with Isaac.
  • Get your questions answered and keep making progress.
  • Personalized and customized advice and action items.

Community access

  • Commitment to action meets accountability.
  • Join a community of other high achievers.
  • Network and create win-wins.

Empirically tested and proven strategies

Client full case studies available on instagram @isaacvirtually

About Isaac Oh

I help dentists take control of their practice growth through new age marketing and retention systems

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